website imagery

Several of the pages in this website contain artwork or pictures, each of which I’ve chosen specifically because of their personal or symbolic meaning.

The first panel on the home page is a print, given to me by the artist, a young man for and with whom I was able, years ago, to facilitate some healing in his life. In this print, the sun is shining through the clouds. Which is often how it is in our lives. It’s not all of one or the other, but usually some of both–darkness and light..

The other home page panel portrays a family walking on the beach. Over the years, I’ve counseled many couples and families, irrespective of anyone’s sexual orientation. Someone has defined a family as: “The people, where when you show up, they have to take you in.”

On the page where I provide a brief explanation of pastoral counseling, I’ve included a print a friend gave to me upon my graduating from seminary. It has been on my office wall across the years, an artistic rendering of Psalm 139, the portion which declares, “For even the darkness is as light to Thee.”

Throughout my adult life,  I’ve done a lot of consulting and teaching, providing workshops for managers, supervisors and employees in the world of business and industry, in both private and public organizations. I don’t know where I found the plaque displayed on this page, but I like it. An important reminder that quiet patience and persistence may be the most important quality when facing any of life’s challenges, but certainly in the work world and the developing of a career.

The cover of my 2009 book appears throughout this website. I didn’t have anything to do with the design. Some artist working for the publisher, Wipf and Stock in Eugene, Oregon, came up with it. However, it strikes me as an appropriate symbol of Balanced Living. If you know anything about Transactional Analysis, the way those three stones are stacked, they may remind you of the Parent, Adult, Child ego states in that particular social psychology, a balance between each of which is promoted in TA theory.

The plaque at the top of this page, legend has it that this Latin phrase–it was inscribed above the door of the Zurich, Switzerland home of Carl Jung. It translates into English as “Bidden or unbidden, God is present.”