I’m a pastoral counselor, author, teacher and organizational/human relations consultant. An ordained minister, I’ve been a mental health professional for over 30 years. I specialize in individual, marriage and family counseling with adults and adolescents.

I see clients on a sliding fee scale, proportionate to family income, and I accept most insurance. My medical consultant-colleague is psychiatrist Lucy Preyer, M.D. I also supervise post-graduate students who are pursuing licensure as professional counselors and/or marriage and family therapists. These supervisees provide counseling services at reduced fees.

I offer a safe, respectful, ethical and non-discriminatory counseling relationship appropriate to my clients’ needs, one that is supportive as well as encouraging, healing, and challenging. I have additional training and experience working with men, with LGBT persons, with geriatric patients and their families, and with persons who are grieving.

While I am especially trained and experienced at helping clients understand, integrate or resolve moral and spiritual issues, I am equally comfortable and competent working with clients who don’t consider themselves religious or spiritual.

I publish a weekly e-column which explores what it means to be authentically human and to live fully. I encourage you to read these articles via email by joining my online blog community.

This website includes other helpful information regarding my professional life and work. If you wish to contact me, or schedule an appointment, my phone number is (843)-425-6601, and my email address is drmontyknight@gmail.com.

Thanks and blessings on you and yours,

The Reverend Robert M. Knight, D. Min.